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A wide range of walks and social activities.

Our walks programmes include easy, medium, and long walks all year round, usually on Sundays. We also have days out by coach, social events (some include walks) and some longer walking trips, all listed in our events page.

  • Easy walks of 3-5 miles at a leisurely pace feature on some Sundays. The walks avoid steep uphill stretches, but Gwent being Gwent, it is difficult to avoid some easy inclines. Depending on the distance to the walk, you may wish to bring something to eat and a flask; Most people do.
  • Medium walks are of about 7 miles at a leisurely pace with ample stops to enjoy the view, a coffee or a chat. They feature on some Sundays. These walks are day walks, so bring a packed lunch and a flask - and extra water on hot or humid days.
  • Long walks of from 9-15 miles (or occasionally longer) at a faster pace feature almost every Sunday. These can be strenuous and almost always feature stops to look at the views and take photographs. A packed lunch is essential, with an extra snack or two for longer, strenuous walks. Except for the coldest days, it is advisable to carry water as well as a flask. On hot, humid days, some members dispense with the flask and just carry 2-4 litres of water.

The grades of the walks are more fully explained here.

A walk without a coffee stop or two is almost unheard of and the chance to pass a rambler-friendly pub is often spurned.

Before bringing a dog on a walk, please read the Dogs on Walks page..

How to have a walk with us

Anyone can take part in a walk as long as their fitness is up to the walk grade and they are dressed sensibly for the grade and weather - details here.

Programme of walks

The programme of walks can be found here.

We distribute walks programmes to members three times a year and they run April-July, August-November and December-March. Walks programmes give you details of events and any booking requirements, and will keep you informed of anything else of interest to South Gwent Ramblers.

Details of walks further afield and of social events can be found under the Events menu.