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Almost a quarter of public footpaths are obstructed. In some cases, they are being deliberately, and illegally, blocked by landowners. In most cases, it is simply neglect. We campaign to keep paths open and properly maintained. The Ramblers Association campaigns to open up all public rights of way in England and Wales and to ensure that the existing rights of way network is protected as part of our national heritage, and is available for everyone to use.

Responsibility for the rights of way network in England and Wales lies with the relevant highway authority - County Council, Unitary Authority, Metropolitan Borough, London Borough, or National Park Authority (by agreement). The Ramblers Association works with these authorities and also ensures that they fulfil their rights of way duties and defend the rights of the public.

For more detailed information about all types of footpaths and how they can be accessed, see the the What We Do and Go Walking menus of the Ramblers Association web site.

It is important that you report footpath problrms and illegal offroading to keep the footpath open and usable.


Horses help Roger to clear a stile


Walkers disturbed by illegal offroading in the Brecon Beacons National Park