Access day, September 1991

The group hosted this event for the Ramblers in Gwent and highlighted the co-operation between Gwent County Council, local councils, farmers, landowners and ramblers in various footpath improvement schemes. Approximately 30 Ramblers, accompanied by Councillor Doug Price for part of the walk, held an 8 mile walk to illustrate some of the work already done and the difficult and overgrown paths still to be restored.

Using the progress by the South Gwent team of opening 50 miles of paths each year, it was estimated that one full-time team or five volunteer teams could complete restoration of the footpath network in Gwent in six years.

Now with five volunteer teams working regularly and various community partnership and path care schemes in operation, it remains feasible to achieve your objective within five years, that is well before the Countryside Commission’s target of the year 2000.


The Ramblers set off from Llandegfedd reservoir on Sunday Morning

Gwent's ramblers were out in force at the weekend, in a move to highlight the need for better footpaths in the county.

As part of a rather blustery "Forbidden Britain" day, ramblers met with invited representatives of Gwent county council, farmers and landowners from all over the county.

Many paths have been cleared, and new stiles and footbridges built in recent years by Gwent's ramble footpath volunteers working with countryside wardens and other groups, they said.

But surveys of of the county's rights of way show that in many areas a third of the paths are unsatisfactory and most are not signposted.

And while ramblers praised the council scheme to to create walks in selected areas, they say Gwent's walkers are almost certain to get into difficulties on a walk of more than two miles.

"Overgrown and unsightly paths all too often spoil the enjoyment of a walk in the countryside," said Gwent ramblers footpath secretary Glen Price.

"Though the council's footpath volunteer and community schemes are a useful start, the excellent countryside warden service urgently needs more path maintenance staff if we are to see a general improvement in the rights of way in Gwent." he added

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