1989 Problems at Ystradfelte

A party of South Gwent Ramblers under the leadership of Ian Reese were making their way from Fan Fawr back to Ystradfellte. They intended to cross the Afon Dringarth and proceed via the only right of way back to the village. The river was dangerously swollen by heavy rain and the only way back now was along private road. They were refused permission to use this route and were forced in gathering darkness to return to cross the reservoir dam a mile upstream to complete their walk. Other members of the group were anxiously waiting for them and were within minutes of raising the alarm when they turned up 1½ hours late.

The incident, with its safety implications, was taken up as justification for a public footpath along the private road and the path creation order was raised by Powys County Council. Despite valiant efforts by Beverley Penney, Derek Smith and others, this order was rejected but there is now a bridge at the River Crossing to provide safe access to the right of way back to Ystradfellte.


Snowdrops in Patrishow churchyard