1988 Family Rambling Days

1988 Group badge introduced

1988 Membership reaches 100

Group Badge

As 1988 came to a close, the group membership reached 100, with an increase on the previous year of more than 50%. After two years when membership was almost static, the number of members is once again rising significantly (22% in the last 12 months) and could reach 200 next year.

Family rambling days

Year Members and visitors present

1988 101

1989 126

1990 122

1991 139


Each year, the group topped the league in Wales. In 1990, the group topped the league nationally.

In the years 1988-1991, the group held four Family Rambling Days and each was an outstanding success. With long and short walks, barbecue lunch, games and competitions provided members, visitors and especially the children all enjoyed each day’s activities, while fund-raising events and raffles ensured no cost to the group finances.

Although many willing members contributed to these successes, it was to Jeff and Dinah Wallis that we offered our warmest thanks for the considerable time and effort spent in planning and organising each event. To mark these achievements and to express the group’s appreciation, a presentation was made to them at the end of a walk the following Summer.


Group Badge

1988 was also the year during which the group badge was developed. The design was chosen through a members competition and a popular vote at a special badge meeting. The winning entry, and therefore the badge we have today, came from Ernie Bryant.


Mounton Valley, leader Harry Pecker